About Winterization

Here is some information to explain what the winterization package is that we install on all our vehicles, how it works, and what it does for your vehicle. First off, we get the block heater from the factory which is put in before the engine even goes in. It is a lot less expensive to do it this way. Then we install a 75 watt heater pad underneath your transmission pan and a 100 watt heater pad underneath your oil pan. Then, we put a trickle charger on the battery. All of these components are tied securely together to a 4 way box mounted underneath so that the 1 plug is pointed right out in front of the vehicle for you to plug in. What they do is: the pads will heat up the fluids in the transmission pan and oil pans, the trickle charger will keep the battery totally charged so that when it's -20 Fahrenheit or colder and your plugged in for a couple hours or overnight, your vehicle will start for you. When it is -20 Fahrenheit or colder, you want to make sure the engine is warmer than the ambient temperature. You want to make sure the fluids inside actually flow through the engine when you start it up. That way you will do less damage to your engine. Having your vehicle plugged in for a few hours will help keep the engine warmer and the fluids will flow through your vehicle better, especially when you start it at these extreme cold temperatures! Having a vehicle winterization package is a very important thing to have here in the Interior of Alaska. If you have any questions please give us a call.

Winterization Prices:

  • Super Duty $599 $899 (includes block heater install)
  • F-150 and down $499 $799 (includes block heater install)


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